Why a polluted environment is a pain in the butt


South Africa is currently changing its approach towards ecological issues. A country that welcomed deforestation and massive industrialization is now trying to protect the environment and the wildlife after a recent study has revealed that a polluted habitat can lead to severe health concerns.

How pollution affects your health

One of the most common illnesses that South Africans might soon be exposed to is hemorrhoids. This medical condition affects the rectal veins and the area around them. The swollen glands produce unbearable pain and even bleed during stools. It appears that the constant rise in pollution improves the immunity of bacteria and viruses. As a result, it is easier to develop piles than ever before.

Until recently hemorrhoids were very difficult to treat and more than often patients had to go through painful and expensive surgeries to get rid of piles. Nowadays, the people of South Africa can rejoice at the discovery of a highly effective cure against swollen rectal veins: Venapro. This all-natural treatment for anal pain takes away the burning sensation and helps you pass normal, bloodless tools on a regular basis.

Why a healthy butt saves the environment

A careful conservation of our habitat means more than just protecting the wildlife and closing chemical plants. Our efforts should also be directed towards preserving the herbs that play a significant role in alternative medicine.

Many of the organic extracts that give Venapro its powerful curing effect on hemorrhoids come from plants that are native to South Africa. The strategy shift of this country towards a cleaner environment is exactly what we need to prevent a piles epidemic. The more herbs we can save the easier it will be to treat swollen anal veins. With a clean bill of health, it will be easy to enjoy a fresh, unpolluted habitat.