SizeGenetics Increases both Length and Girth

How SizeGenetics positively affects the overall size of your penis

Most men that decide upon the SizeGenetic enlargement system are mainly concerned with the length of their penis. They seek to correct a physical issue that has long made them feel inadequate and negatively impacted their sexual performance. However, SizeGenetics doesn’t just increase the length of your penis.

Increase penile size

It causes an increase in girth as well.

This is all due to the way in which SizeGenetics works; by utilizing a biological concept known as the traction principle. By stretching your penis with the extension device, the cells in your penis are made to stretch and eventually split. As your penis heals new cells are created to meet the physical demands of it being stretched. After a short amount of time, these cells accumulate to form a significant amount of tissue, which results in a larger penis. However, these cells don’t just make your penis longer; they make it wider too. Even if you may place the most importance on the length of your penis, your body knows better. So it ensures the increases in tissue are distributed amongst length and girth.

However, to enjoy the extent of these benefits you must use the SizeGenetics system consistently. Every time you stretch your penis, you’re sending it a message that your penis needs to be longer. It responds by splitting the cells in your penis and building additional ones. However, if you don’t do this often, your body won’t know these extra cells are necessary and simply won’t create them.

We suggest starting off on the lowest setting, holding the stretch for four 15-minute periods each day. As your body creates new tissue, it will become accustomed to the stretching, which requires you to gradually increase the setting and time in the stretch. This will ensure you continue to see results which will increase your confidence as well as the overall size of your penis