How South Africans defy baldness with environmental measures

South Africa is a country in full development. After years of racial segregation and ignorance towards major health issues, the state is finally taking a positive approach towards all the aspects that could improve the quality of life.


One of the areas that need a significant improvement is the environment. Researchers have concluded that only a healthy and well-sustained habitat can support a fruitful lifestyle for South Africans.

The primary environmental measures were taken in South Africa

The Department of Environmental Affairs publishes regular reports on its activity and ongoing projects. One of its latest studies shows the importance of a clean environment about the health condition of its inhabitants. It appears that a damaged habitat can lead to severe illnesses like:

  • Cholera
  • Cancer
  • HIV
  • Alopecia areata

The latter is a form of hair loss that affects most of the South African men over the age of 30. While its causes can be traced to genetic heritage, lifestyle, stress and even fungus, researchers believe that living in a polluted environment can easily trigger baldness. As a result, the scientific field in South Africa is trying to find reliable solutions to clean the habitable areas and efficient treatments for receding hairlines.

How to defy baldness quick and easy

If getting rid of pollution is a process that might take several years, growing your hair back could only take a few months. The release of Profollica – a new treatment for baldness that rejuvenates scalp follicles has reinstated hope in many South African men that they can regain their natural mane.

The medical researchers behind this highly effective cure for hair loss have clinically tested the product to ensure it is risk-free for human use. As its composition is 100% natural, the studies have revealed that it can help you grow thick, dense hairs without adverse side effects.