Foods to Avoid for an Improved Sex Life

Simple dietary changes that will enhance your sexual abilities

Do you want to perform better in the bedroom? Then check out the following quick, easy fixes to your diet. Not only will these changes benefit you in the short-term, but are guaranteed to positively impact your long-term wellbeing as well.

Sugary Foods

Food laden with sugar not only compromises your long-term health and vitality but your short-term sexual performance as well. Overly sweet food, such as candy and soft drinks, cause your blood sugar to spike and then drop as rapidly due to the surge of insulin produced by your body to bring your blood sugar back under control. Sure, these foods provide a temporary energy boost, particularly soft drinks which contain caffeine as well as sugar, but the lull they cause makes them an ineffective energy booster. For an alternative pre-sex boost, look to natural, male enhancements products like ProSolution supplement which contain ingredients that provide increased energy levels without making you feel sluggish afterwards.

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Street Meat

Low-quality meat like those found in hamburgers, hotdogs, and tacos contain higher levels of chemicals and hormones than in higher quality, lean meats. These chemicals and hormones serve to cause inflammation in your body which affects your overall health; it’s hard to get in the mood when you’ve got an upset stomach. Plus the hormones they contain negatively affect your own hormones, including those that influence your sexual drive. If you want to fulfil your sexual potential, limit your intake of these foods to a few occasions, and opt for fresh, lean meat and fish instead.

Fried Food

Closely aligned low-quality meat is fried food such as French fries and doughnuts. Fried foods are typically loaded with fast-release carbohydrates which, like sugar, resulting in a spike in your blood sugar levels followed by the inevitable crash. These foods are also usually cooked in harmful trans-fats, which compromise your energy levels in the short term, as well as your long-term health. Cutting down on foods of this kind will cause you to feel leaner and healthier, which is guaranteed to have a positive impact on your sexual prowess. But while nature takes its course, a male enhancement formula such as ProSolution supplement is an instant solution for boosting your sex-drive.