Enhance your lashes with this eco-friendly treatment

Did you ever wonder what does your eyeliner contain? Have you ever considered the possibility of this cosmetic product endangering your well-being?


Recent medical research has revealed that certain cosmetic products contain synthetic compounds that are harmful to human health. More than that, the chemicals used in the production process have a polluting effect on the environment. If you are looking for an eco-friendly treatment that enhances your eyelashes, you will be glad to know that such a product exists.

Why cosmetics damage the environment

The cosmetics industry has reached the pinnacle of its evolution. However, in its search for the ultimate beautifying treatments, it has made plenty of compromises. One of them implies the use of chemical substances that have not been clinically tested or approved for human use.

Many doctors and scientists believe that a significant number of lash enhancers available on the market today contain chemical compounds that are toxic to both women and the environment. Each application can lead to severe medical conditions, while every discarded eyeliner can pollute the habitat.

A 100% safe way to enhance your lashes

Women that have the genetic bad luck of short, flimsy eyelashes know how important it is to be able to grow them longer and thicker. Unfortunately, they too are open to plenty of compromises in this matter. In fact, they are ready to use any method: from the enhancement surgeries, which have been scientifically proven to be extremely dangerous, to the chemically-infused eyeliners.

A safe and easy way to enhance your eyelashes is Idol Lash – a natural product that does not use any chemical compounds and which is entirely safe for the environment. Long-term use of this product guarantees lash growth in less than 90 days. After just three months you can display thick, dark eyelashes without putting your health in danger.