Does trimming hair make it grow thicker?

Many urban legends surround hair growth. Some say that trimming your mane on a weekly basis fastens its increase; others say that it all boils down to genetics and you cannot do anything about it.

According to medical evidence, none of these myths are true, and you can manage your hair’s evolution, thickness and length quick and easy. Provillus is a natural remedy for baldness that gives you 100% control over your crowning glory. With only two capsules per day you can grow thicker, longer threads and a full mane that will surely raise the admiration of others.

Provillus Treatment

The trick of often trimmings

A greedy stylist must have invented the myth that frequent trimming improves the thickness of your hair. No medical study supports this theory and your regular trips to the barbershop only thicken the hairdresser’s wallet.

If you want to grow a thicker mane that astounds everybody with its natural glow and impressive volume, you need more than just regular trimming. A powerful formula for hair growth like Provillus pushes your follicles into producing more strands than usual and thus giving you palpable thickness.

The side effects of too much trimming

Your stylist might say that weekly trimming is beneficial for your hair and your roots. If he does so, just change your hairdresser, it is evident that you are receiving bad advice. In fact, there are several adverse side effects to frequent trimming, and some of them are disturbing:

  • Follicle damage
  • Hair loss
  • Bald patches
  • Itchy scalp
  • Thinner locks

When you trim your hair too often, you risk killing your follicles. These tiny scalp cells are responsible for the natural growth of your mane. Once they stop working, your threads stop growing and your hairline moves from your forehead to the middle of your head. You can prevent hair loss from happening with the help of Provillus. This is the no.1 remedy for baldness on the market that supports steady hair growth and diminishes the effects of repeated snipping.

How to grow new threads

If you struggle to add volume to your hair, then regular visits to your hairdresser will not do the trick. To grow thicker threads, you need to boost the internal process that is behind hair production. This means that you have to include in your diet a healthy dose of nutritional supplements like Provillus, which encourages follicle revival and mane thickness.

Prevent hair loss naturally

According to Provillus customer testimonials, this remedy for baldness prevents hair loss in a natural way and without any side effects. While frequent trimming might reduce your mane to a set of loose threads, taking this strong solution for hair growth gives your locks thickness, strength, and volume.

Thickness is not everything

A sparse set of hair is enough to have you trying any possible method of growing hair, including false ones like recurrent trimming. However, you must know that thickness is not sufficient to guarantee the health of your hair, which also includes strong roots that grow voluminous, shiny locks. Fortunately, Provillus is a natural provider of all these conditions, and furthermore, it reduces your chances of going bald to a minimum.